This API is used update user profile .
Method: Post

Base URL :
Mandatory Parameters Sample Description
key 374593457034859 The company account API key, you can get from company settings > API settings
email [email protected] email for user to authenticate
password 123456 Password for user to authenticate

Optional Parameters Sample Description
Edit_name Ahmed Name
Edit_time_zone String/Text Time Zone
Edit_country_id 45 Country Id
Edit_Mobile 423551222525 User Mobile
Edit_email [email protected] User Email
Edit_sms_notifications 1 SMS Notification
Edit_email_notifications 1 email_notifications
Edit_Personal_Picture File User Pic



Example :[Edit_name=xxxxx&Edit_Mobile=xxxxx&......]

Response :

  1. {
  2. "message":"success",
  3. }
  4. ------OR------
  5. {
  6. "error_message":"error message"
  7. }