This API is used to sign up a new user & Company Account in the CRM and mark it as referred by the reseller account making the call
It will make the following functions:
  • Sign up a new user to HUBB UCS and send welcome email
  • Create a new Company for this new user and set him as the admin for it
  • Create a new contact CRM record for this user info under the reseller CRM account

the new user must be unique by Email and never registered on HUBB UCS before

Method: Get/Post

Base URL :
Mandatory Parameters Sample Description
key 374593457034859 The company account API key, you can get from company settings > API settings
email email for the new contact, if a contact with the email already exists, the contact will be updated
account_name Company Test Account The name for the company account to be created for the new user

Optional Parameters Sample Description
send_welcome_email 1 OR 2 1: default value of not sent, will send a welcome email to the new user
2: will not send a welcome email
phone 5645645456 The phone number for the contact, if a contact with the phone already exists, the contact will be updated
firstname mike The first name for the contact
lastname douglas The last name for the contact
facebook facebook ULR or Facebook name The Facebook page or name for the contact
twitter twitter ULR or twitter name The twitter account for the contact
source campaign1 A Friendly name, you can add to know the source of contact, if not exists in the settings, it will be added automatically
tags new customer, campaign1, call me Tags you want to add to the contact to use it later on, add as many tags , split by ","
notifyToEmail If exists, An email will be sent to notify when a new contact added via the API
notifyEmailSubject New Contact Added Subject of the notification email for new contacts
contactowner_email Email for the user to be assigned as the contact owner on the CRM, it must be a valid email for a valid active user under the company account or will be neglected
contactowner_group group name the user group name to assigned contacts to it in a round robin
If the parameter "contactowner_email" is sent, this parameter will be neglected and "contactowner_email" will override it
email_notify_owner Possible Values (1 OR 2) if set to 1: a notification email will be sent to the assigned owner, if set to 2: no notification email will be sent to the owner



Example :[&Optional_parameter1=XXXXX&Optional_parameter2=XXXXX]

Response :

  1. {
  2. "message":"success",
  3. }
  4. ------OR------
  5. {
  6. "error_message":"error message"
  7. }