This is a premium API, Please contact us to activate it
This API can be used on any website to introduce an easy way for the users to schedule phone calls from the web site to agents

Before starting using this widget, you must configure the security access and allowed URLs for this API

Base URL :
Widget Mandatory Parameters Sample Description
ext_token String the token for the Extension that will recieve the call, it must be a Voice calls extension
source_phonenumber internal phone number the phone number you want to call from (it should be all numeric) and it should one of the phone numbers on your account
dest_phonenumber Call destination phone number the phone number you want to call (it should be all numeric)

Optional Parameters Sample Description
schedule_date_time YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ the date & time to initiate the call, it should be in timestamp format, GMT timezone example: 2019-02-01T03:45:27Z

Code to use:

Just Make a link or AJAX Javascript to call this URL


  • {
  • "message":"success",
  • }
  • ------OR------
  • {
  • "error_message":"error message"
  • }