This API is used to get currency rate but getting the rates .
by default the rate is relevant to USD so if someone wants to convert from 2 other currencies,
need to send currency2 parameter

Method: Get

Base URL :
Mandatory Parameters Sample Description
key 374593457034859 The company account API key, you can get from company settings > API settings
currency1 String Iso Code For first Currency example: USD, EUR, CAD, etc..

Optional Parameters Sample Description
currency2 String Iso Code For second Currency if needed example: USD, EUR, CAD, etc..
amount number amount to calculate, if not provided a default value of 1 is used



Example :

Response :

  1. {
  2. "currency_pair":"EUR/USD",
  3. "amount":"1",
  4. "value":"1.1562230816814",
  5. "details":"1 EUR = 1.1562230816814 USD",
  6. }
  7. ------OR------
  8. {
  9. "status":false
  10. "message":Iso Code For Currency is not defined
  11. }
  12. ------OR------
  13. {
  14. "status":false
  15. "message":Iso Code For Currency is Required
  16. }