This API is used to Add ability to register note, call , meeting , task and assign owner .

Method: Get/Post

Base URL :
Mandatory Parameters Sample Description
key 374593457034859 The company account API key, you can get from company settings > API settings
email email for user to authenticate
password 123456 Password for user to authenticate
deal_id 758 Deal ID
action action [addNote => for register a note],[editNote => for edit a registered note] ,[registerCall => for register a call] ,[addTask => for register a task] ,[assignOwner => for assign owner],[registerMeeting => for register meeting]

Optional Parameters for Search/Filter Sample Description
For Note {'Test titlew' , 'Test description','22'} note_id,note_title,description,note_added_by
For Call {1=>Incoming/Inbound,2=Outgoing/Outbound},'2021-03-31','04:55',{1=>No Answer,2=>Busy,3=>Left Vooice Mail,4=>Call BACK,5=>Wrong Number,6=>Not Interest,7=>Connected},'test Comment' call_type , call_date , call_time ,call_outcome , comments
For Task 'Test Name',{1=Phone Call,2=>Send Email,3=>Meeting,5=>Send Postal Mail,6=>Send Fax,7=>Send SMS, 8=> Contac,9=>Other},'2021-03-31','04:55','2','3','3','Test Note' task_name , task_type , due_date ,due_time , owner_id,assigned_to_id,who_can_see,note
For Assign Owner 3 ownerID
For register Meeting '33','2021-03-31','Test Place','04:55','2021-03-31','04:55','Comment' contact_id, date_added, meeting_place, meeting_date, meeting_time, meeting_notes



Example :

Response :

  1. {
  2. "message":"success",
  3. }
  4. ------OR------
  5. {
  6. "error_message":"error message"
  7. }